Successful wrestling bets

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Wrestling betting has been gaining popularity in recent years. The field sometimes seems absurd because professional wrestling is – and it’s not known since yesterday – a concerted competition. Therefore, the question arises of what interest the bookmaker has in offering such bets. The betting base brings light into the darkness!
In fact, some bookmakers have already expanded their betting portfolio with wrestling events. The focus is always on the matches of the most popular wrestling league – WWE. This article explains why you should bet on wrestling matches, what knowledge/information is important and what strategy allows you to bet effectively on

Wrestling is all just for show?

The show elements of the wrestling world are undeniable. Tall and muscular athletes compete against each other with the goal of one day winning the top league belt. In WWE, probably the most popular wrestling league in the world, the most valuable titles at the moment are the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Universal Championship. Only the best stars of the company compete for these two belts. In the so-called midcard, up-and-coming talents and old stars battle it out for two junior titles – the prestigious Intercontinental Championship belt and the U.S. Championship belt. These titles are stepping stones for wrestlers to excel at big things one day. Achievements are, of course, built the same way as match processes. Consistent choreography and the fixed outcomes of matches based on it are key elements of the fight. As a result, there is no real competition (showdown). However, the outcome of the match and feuds are not always predictable.

Of course, as the leader of the wrestling industry, WWE has a strategy. You want to create new superstars year after year and, of course, create them. Of course, there is a clever marketing ploy behind this. When a new superstar is born, it boosts DVD, T-shirt and event sales. It used to be Hulk Hogan who drew crowds into arenas, in the 90s it was Bret «Hitman» Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker, and nowadays it’s especially Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and John Cena as magnets for the public. The company’s next flagship, Roman Reigns, is currently in development. In order for stars to be accepted by the masses, the push to become a star is planned well in advance. Important victories, interesting feuds and thoughtful staging are the cornerstones of this strategy. Of course, this concept can be applied to all other stars of the company. Future villains and monster heels can also be built in the same way as the next crowd hit, read about it on this page.

In order for these roles to be accepted by the general public, so-called storylines are told in the weekly shows. The brightest moments of hostility occur in matches at major tournaments, the so-called PPV. In the age of the Internet, it is not difficult to obtain information for planning the future.

With success in wrestling bets

Now a natural question arises: where to bet on wrestling? Which bookmakers are already operating and what are the betting offers? There are already several well-known bookmakers. First of all, Sportingbet, William Hill and Unibet should be mentioned, because these three bookmakers have had wrestling betting in their repertoire for a long time, but Bwin has also been very active in this market for a while. Bets are accepted exclusively on matches of major events, that is, never on RAW and Smackdown Weekly! There are a lot of events going on in a calendar year, and wrestling can be wagered almost every month. A distinction is made between the Big Four events (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and Survivor Series) and regular Super Events (including Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, TLC, and etc.). In particular, big events are suitable for betting and are always included in the betting offer, because the media interest, especially in the US, but also in Asia and Europe, is currently huge. Wrestlemania, for example, fills not only open-air arenas (well over 100,000 spectators on site), but also pay-TV station box offices because the event is known worldwide as «Super Bowl Wrestling».