Iowa’s Community Colleges Improve How Employers Can Post Jobs And Reach Their Students And Alumni, For Free!

NEW YORK, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Iowa employers seeking job-ready talent now have a FREE resource to post jobs: the Iowa Community Colleges Jobs Consortium website, powered by College Central Network, Inc. (CCN).

NEW YORK, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Iowa employers seeking job-ready talent now have a FREE resource to post jobs: the Iowa Community Colleges Jobs Consortium website, powered by College Central Network, Inc. (CCN).

The ( website makes it both FREE and easy for all employers—large and small, public and private—to register just once and then post an unlimited number of jobs to Iowa’s community college students and alumni! This is an extraordinarily useful resource for employers hiring in today’s climate, even with temporarily closed or restricted campuses, and students having to return home.

Employers posting jobs today can simultaneously reach tens of thousands of job seekers from Des Moines Area Community College, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, Hawkeye Community College, and Iowa Valley Community College District.

Joy Miller, CCN’s Career Services Central® National Sales Manager explains, «As we enter the fall semester, employers still need to target timely job postings in response to COVID-19.»

In addition, organizations are looking to hire college students and alumni willing and able to jump in to meet their state’s, regions’, or cities’ specific hiring environment. The timing now is ideal, with Iowa’s community colleges well positioned to help their State’s economy rebound fast, and to quickly fill the State’s hiring needs in an era of rapid economic and technological change.

«Many employers post jobs at the closest community colleges,» Miller added. «But, with the Consortium, there is a synergy. Employers can easily extend their reach without additional effort. Posting just once, they can go statewide or target a specific combination of regional Iowa community colleges.»

CCN’s Career Services Central® is the exclusive online career office management platform for career centers at all schools participating in the Consortium. Joy Miller sums it up: «Community colleges can have a great impact on the State’s economy. The Iowa Community Colleges Jobs Consortium website allows employers to easily recruit the state’s home-grown entry-level talent by removing as many barriers as possible, simplifying the hiring process. This is especially critical given the added current complications of closed campuses and remote learning.»

With more than 23,000 undergraduates*, Des Moines Area Community College is the State’s largest community college. According to Sara Clayton, Career Center Coordinator at the college, «Graduates of Iowa community colleges overwhelmingly pursue employment in state, making up a large proportion of Iowa’s workforce and contributing directly to the state’s economic growth. This new jobs Consortium will allow our employer partners to tap into the talented pool of Iowa community college graduates in an easy, efficient way.»

Rob Schadt, Academic Advisor & Career Services Coordinator at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges stated: «Recruiters like the ease of posting just once to access the talent at all Iowa Consortium members’ community colleges. Our graduates have the skills, and they are eager to move directly into the local workforce now.»

Schadt added: «Our colleges train our State’s students to mesh with Iowa’s needs, and our graduates are who today’s employers are looking to hire. Employers who post to the Consortium are specifically looking to hire students and alumni who want to work in Iowa. It should be noted that our community college graduates almost exclusively accept job offers in the state, and that makes this a workforce win-win.»

Rachel Evans, Career Services Center Coordinator at Hawkeye Community College emphasized, «Signing up just once provides an employer with unlimited posting opportunities statewide! The Consortium is able to offer a fast, user-friendly, and streamlined resource to access talent with a single registration.»

Evans added, «There is a broad range of talent that graduates from the Consortium’s colleges bring to the workforce, including automotive technology, business, child development, computer information systems, healthcare, manufacturing, education, construction, and much more.»

MaryAnne Zanella Nickle, M.ED., Dean at Iowa Valley Community College District, pointed out, «Job postings are free of charge to all Iowa employers. This is a useful and free resource that can connect you with qualified students and alumni across the state. Iowa’s emerging two-year graduates, funded by Iowans to specifically meet the needs of the state’s workforce, finally have a much-needed path for our state’s employers to hire and retain local community college talent!»

Nickle added: «Our Consortium’s combined undergraduate reach in Iowa is huge and will continue to expand as additional colleges join in. The Consortium will deliver our State’s employers a diverse mix of qualified students and alumni who are highly skilled and motivated to jump right into our workforce!»

Statistics show that approximately 47,909 students attend Iowa community colleges.* 

* «Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System,» National Center for Education Statistics, accessed July 15, 2020,

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