Tru Optik and SpotX Partnership Utilizes Advanced Data Targeting to Help Top Food Brand Engage Audience through CTV

STAMFORD, Conn., Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Consumer adoption of connected TV (CTV) has grown quickly, with 50% of TV households now watching streamed television — one-third of which can only be reached by CTV as they do not subscribe to cable. CTV has become…

STAMFORD, Conn., Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Consumer adoption of connected TV (CTV) has grown quickly, with 50% of TV households now watching streamed television — one-third of which can only be reached by CTV as they do not subscribe to cable. CTV has become a can’t-miss opportunity for advertisers thanks to its highly engaged and targetable audiences. Yet, many still face the challenge of establishing a scalable audience strategy across numerous publishers and a diverse landscape of connected devices.

With this change in content consumption, Tru Optik, powered by the largest household graph across the connected media ecosystem, partnered with SpotX and Havas Media to help a leading food brand create a data-driven and efficient campaign that reached the brand’s target audience through contextual CTV placements.

SpotX mitigates this fragmentation challenge by providing a centralized access point for CTV inventory, as it works with 97% of premium ad-supported over-the-top (OTT) providers and reaches over 50 million US households.

Coupled with the data enablement capabilities of SpotX’s Audience Management Engine (AME), advertisers are able to take advantage of an integration with an array of first- and third-party data providers, distributed by Tru Optik, to precisely target unique audience segments at scale. As the use of private marketplaces grows, it is more important than ever that advertisers consider a data strategy with the supply side. Working with a supply partner to target audiences allows advertisers to increase access to premium inventory, improve forecasting, and bring incremental value to their campaigns.

Havas Media wanted to help its client reach a target audience of women aged 25-54 through CTV, while maintaining scale. The goal of the campaign was to efficiently drive frequency against the target audience within contextually relevant environments, as measured by the in-demo audience reached.

«SpotX was an invaluable partner in helping us activate audience data and gain a holistic view of available CTV inventory. The campaign delivered impressive reach and we were able to efficiently engage the desired audience in a meaningful way,» said Danielle Farrugia, SVP, Biddable Media, Havas Media.

SpotX and Havas Media were able to launch a data-driven CTV campaign designed to reach the brand’s target audience at scale. Leveraging Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace, SpotX was able to activate previously unavailable data segments through AME, forecast available inventory for the campaign, and ensure it could deliver against the full budget.

This data activation allowed for advanced audience targeting that reached women aged 25-54 who are primary grocery shoppers, health conscious, and home chefs. Contextual targeting was also applied to optimize frequency, with the campaign running during cooking and female-driven lifestyle or entertainment content.

«Quality data can make or break a campaign. The depth of our relationships with media owners and data providers such as Tru Optik allows us to match advertisers’ desired data directly to publisher inventory through Audience Management Engine, thus increasing forecasting and planning visibility to help advertisers efficiently reach their audience,» added Kristen Williams, VP of Strategic Partnerships, SpotX.

The campaign was extremely successful and was able to deliver against the full campaign budget. With 6.3 million impressions of targeted scale on premium CTV ad inventory across the desired audience segments and securing over 85% in-demo delivery well within the target eCPM range, the brand opted to continue working with Tru Optik and SpotX to re-launch.

«Partnering with SpotX and Havas Media to facilitate accurate, scalable, and privacy-compliant audience targeting across CTV is core to Tru Optik’s long-standing value proposition across the ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to work with both of them to help drive exceptional results for brands and marketers.» added Michelle Swanston, Chief Client Officer, Tru Optik.

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