Unicorns May Not Exist, but Clean, Sustainable Energy Does

EAST PEORIA, Ill., Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — NTS Innovations has achieved a major milestone in its development of a revolutionary clean energy source – Graphene Energy Harvesting (GEH). The company, in partnership with the University of…

EAST PEORIA, Ill., Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — NTS Innovations has achieved a major milestone in its development of a revolutionary clean energy source – Graphene Energy Harvesting (GEH). The company, in partnership with the University of Arkansas, has completed the development of its energy harvesting circuit on a silicon wafer. This technology will be packaged in a commercial chip and available for purchase through a global network of electronics distributors in 2021.

Graphene Energy Harvesting is nothing short of a game changer. A turning point in history that could change the way we do things today, for the better.

Imagine that jumble of power cords taking up space in your drawer being obsolete. No need to search for spare batteries. No more waiting on your devices to charge… they are always charging in the background, leaving your device powered and ready for use when you need it. But that’s just the beginning…

How does it work?

You may have heard of a material called graphene. Graphene is 100x stronger than steel and a better conductor of electricity than copper. It is also flexible and elastic.  What’s better, when graphene is freestanding, it is actually in a constant state of motion. 

This motion can now be harvested as clean, sustainable energy. 

NTS Innovations, partnering with the University of Arkansas, has developed the revolutionary technology called Graphene Energy Harvesting.

GEH is the act of harvesting energy at the nanoscale level from the naturally occurring oscillations in graphene. Envision a wind turbine. The wind turbine captures the energy of the wind through movement. In a similar way (but at nanoscale), freestanding graphene converts ambient energy into mechanical energy in the form of ripple fluctuations, much like waves on the ocean.
GEH is the only clean and continuous power alternative that can operate in any environment, anywhere on the planet… and beyond. 

«GEH is a nanoscale device on a semiconductor wafer. The technology itself varies slightly with temperature but is otherwise robust in all environments,» said Preston Carter, Chief Technology Officer at NTS Innovations. «GEH can generate power in outer-space and aerospace environments, GEH will work anywhere on Earth, and will continue to work deep in the ocean. The only environmental limitations to GEH will be the packaging used to contain it.»

From theory to commercial application

With the development of an energy harvesting circuit complete, NTS Innovations is now moving on to prototypes and optimization for commercial applications.

When the first generation GEH chip is fully developed and available for purchase in late 2021, it will mark the beginning of a scalable and virtually limitless power-fulfillment solution for countless applications. 

GEH chips are made with common semiconductor manufacturing techniques, making them cost-effective, scalable, and easy to mass produce. The first generation GEH chip is targeted for 10mW (milliwatts) with a chip size of 12x12x3mm. 

Gen 1 Graphene Energy Harvesting Chips

The first generation GEH chip will enable sensors and small electronics to become self-powered, without the need to recharge or replace batteries. But it doesn’t stop there. Future releases of the GEH chip will increase in power density, holding promise for applications ranging from cell phones, tablets, appliances, and cars.

«We are very excited to introduce this game-changing technology. An enormous amount of work has gone into the development of Graphene Energy Harvesting.  We are extremely thankful for the NTS Innovations team taking this from its discovery to a proven concept, and now chip production. This ‘World Changing Technology’ can bring power to every corner of the globe. Something as simple as a small light can change lives,» said Don Meyer, Founder and CEO of NTS Innovations.

NTS Innovations holds the exclusive, global rights to this technology.

About NTS Innovations

NTS Innovations is a science to commercialization company specializing in nanotechnology.  Since its founding in 2016, NTS has been dedicated to partnerships with the academic community to bring innovative research to market.  Having participated in projects involving next generation water filtration, 2D material supply and novel spray applied coatings, NTS is currently focused on the commercialization of Graphene Energy Harvesting.  The NTS team possesses a diverse commercial background, with an extensive track record in product development and company building.

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